Arneis is our white native grape dating back to 1500 in the Roero area but its modern winemaking history started in the 70s. I began its production in 2009 as my first experience in the white wine production. The grape’s distinctive qualities are brought up in the glass thanks to the pre-fermentation cold maceration, while a slow fermentation develops its longevity and character.

Langhe Arneis Roddi


Grape variety

100 % Arneis.

Vineyard location

Grapes come from a vineyard in Alba.

Grape harvest



The hand-picked grapes are collected in small baskets, then gently de-stemmed, crushed and chilled. They are submitted to a 48 hour cold maceration, when the contact between the skins and the must allows it to enhance its aromas, colour and sapidity. At the end of the maceration process the must is separated from the skins and carries out a low temperature fermentation.


Arneis is kept in stainless steel tanks on its fine lees along 5 months from alcoholic fermentation, with no addition of sulphites. It is bottled in spring with the utmost care, so as to preserve its freshness and longevity. The amount of sulphites in a bottle is lower than 90mg/L, well below the legal limit of 200mg/L.

Organoleptic properties

The color is intense straw yellow with golden highlights. Aromas of pear, yellow peach and grapefruit combine with notes of honey and saffron during the aging process. On the palate it is rich and fruity, sapid (this being the main feature of Arneis), with mineral hints and a long lasting aftertaste.


Excellent as an aperitif, it is best served with row seafood and fish starters, vegetables, cheeses and lean meat. Ideal with spring first courses with vegetables and tomato or with main courses based on lean meat and fish, its gastronomic pairings have no limits.

Serving temperature

Between 11° and 13°C. It can be fully appreciated up to 4-5 years after harvesting.

Annual bottle production

Around 4000 bottles.

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