One of the most traditional variety of our area, it has been grown since 1200 and widely appreciated for the quality of its wines since 1500. Each of them reflects the characteristics of the hill it originates from. I respect this variety, suitable for the production of full bodied long living wines. Nebbiolo ages 18 months in wood and one year in bottle. I like to call it ‘Barolo’s younger brother’.

Langhe Nebbiolo Doc Roddi


Grape variety

100% Nebbiolo

Vineyard location

It is located in località Rivoli in Alba, just outside the Barolo production area. The vineyard, with an elevation of 300m a.s.l. facing south-west has a marly soil with prevailing sand and loams. The vines were planted in 2001.

Grape harvest

Between 28 September and 15 October, Nebbiolo grapes are the latest to reach maturation, so we take into account the late tannins ripeness levels.


The grapes have to undergo a soft de-stemming and crushing process due to their fragile stems. Maceration and fermentation begin slowly to maintain aromas and colours; fermentation temperatures are lower than the ones used in the ‘red vinification’. After 10-11 days, when the sugar has been turned into alcohol, drawing off is followed by malolactic fermentation.


After fermentation the wine ages for 12 months in old oak barriques to perfectly balance tannins and flavours.

Organoleptic properties

Ruby red with orange highlights, on the nose cherry and violet hints are combined with remarkably fine spicy overtones. On the palate it starts out with a full bodied feeling, while the finish reminds of the red fruit scents and tannins.


Langhe Nebbiolo is often referred to as the ‘Barolo’s younger brother’ due to its rich consistence. Excellent with fairly demanding meat dishes and mature, blue or goat cheeses, thanks to its versatility can easily be served with starters.

Serving temperature

Between 16º and 18ºC, it can be aged in the cellar up to 10 years after harvesting.

Annual bottle production

Between 2500 and 3000. It’s also bottled in a limited 1.5l magnum edition

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