Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Superiore Buschet

The Buschet vineyard is located in Rodello at 500m of altitude, with fresh summer days and warm nights. The south-west exposure and the over 40 year old vines bring the grapes to a complete and gradual maturation. Here the grapes are picked late, when tannins are ready to make a long-living wine. I try to best emphasize the rustic character of this wine in the cellar with a long maceration and a slow aging process in wood.

Dolcetto d'Alba Doc Buschet


Grape variety

100% Dolcetto

Vineyard location

The “Buschet” vineyard is located in Rodello, località Cagnassi at an altitude of 500m a.s.l., facing west and is more than 40 years old.

Grape harvest

Between the 20th and 30th September.


The “Buschet” vineyard grapes, characterized by small berries rich in polyphenols, are hand-picked and collected in baskets. They are then gently de-stemmed and crushed and moved to a stainless steel tank where maceration starts, together with alcoholic fermentation. After a few days manual pigeage and frequent pumping over optimize the extraction that continues until the drawing off of the wine.


After 10-12 days from the end of alcoholic fermentation the wine is aged in the best old barriques. Despite being a wine usually drunk young, this type of Dolcetto is rich in structure, tannins and acidity, thus requiring a longer aging process in wood.

Organoleptic properties

Intense ruby red, with cherry, almond and ink to the nose. A caressing warm wine with a long aftertaste, its tannins ensuring longevity.


A wine suited to all courses, excellent with pasta dishes, meat, medium aged cheeses. You will be surprised by its versatility, so try and find your ideal pairing!

Serving temperature

Between 18º and 20º C, it is pleasantly appreciated up to 10 years after harvesting.

Annual bottle production

Around 2500 a year.

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