Bricco Ambrogio is the only hill of Roddi enclosed in the Barolo area, and is 275 m high. It is southeast faced and is represented by the geological formation called Marne di Sant'Agata Tipiche. The story of how this hill found his place in the Barolo area is very fascinating; I'll tell you if you ask me. My story on Bricco Ambrogio begins in 2015 and tells of a very small vineyard, just 1750 square meters, where I do everything by hand and where the soil is deep and rich in silt. This is the origin of my Barolo Bricco Ambrogio; it shows at nose hints of red fruits and violet, and a fine, tannic and long lasting taste.

Barolo docg


Grape variety

100 % Nebbiolo.

Vineyard location

240 m a.s.l. facing south-east.

Grape harvest

25th September – 5th October according to the vintage.


The grapes are collected in small baskets and then slowly de-stemmed and crushed. Within the following 48 hours fermentation starts naturally without the addiction of selected yeasts. Frequent pumping over and pigeage are carried out together with the maceration of the skins, which takes place at a controlled temperature of 27º-28ºC for about 2 weeks. The maceration process optimizes the extraction of polyphenols and ensures the development of unique aromas typical of the wine coming from this Cru.


20 months in French oak tonneau. Barolo Bricco Ambrogio is bottled with the utmost care and aged in bottle minimum 12 months before being sold.

Organoleptic properties

Garnet red color with orange highlights typical of the Nebbiolo grape variety. On the nose the floral hints of Rose and Violet are combined with elegant fruity aromas like cherry. On the palate it is full-bodied, with a subtly veined background of oak aromas enhancing the typical violet and marasco cherry.


Excellent with red meat dishes, game, roasted meat and braised beef. Ideal with elaborate dishes due to its tannic component that refreshes the mouth. Traditionally served with hard mature cheeses and blue cheeses, you can also dare drink it with dark chocolate.

Annual bottle production

1200/1270 bottles according to the vintage.

Serving temperature, aging and vintage production.

It can be aged in cellar for over 15 years but it can be enjoyed to the fullest 7/8 years after harvesting. It is essential to keep bottles in a horizontal position, in a controlled temperature dark room to ensure its long lasting quality. Ideally served in wide glasses at 16º/18º C.

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