Barbera d'Alba DOC Superiore Campii Raudii

Campii Raudii was a Roman battle (101 BC) I’ve always been fascinated with. I found it again in an old book about the history of Roddi; when I had to come up with a name for a special wine, it was easy to find it. Coming from a small vineyard on top of Bricco Rivoli, this Barbera is suitable for long ageing. As for its making process it’s not hasty at all, requiring a slow natural fermentation, a long skin maceration process, a long ageing period in oak as well as in bottle. Campii Raudii has over 10 years of longevity.

Barolo docg


Grape variety

100% Barbera

Vineyard location

The vineyard is located at the top of Bricco Rivoli in Alba, pretty close to the ‘’Rocche di Diano’’. With an elevation of 320m a.s.l. and a calcareous marl soil, the vines were planted in 2001.

Grape harvest

Between 20th September and 5th October, depending on the weather conditions. Every year 3000-3500 kg of Barbera grapes are picked.


The hand-picked grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. In particularly cold and rainy vintages the volume of the berry increases due to excessive water absorption from the roots, so we drain the excess water. Fermentation and maceration start naturally due to the presence of the native yeasts extracted from the vineyard. This natural process lasts two weeks, during which we perform gentle pumping over and ‘delestage’.


After malolactic fermentation the wine is racked into 40% old barriques, 30% one year old barriques and 30% two year old barriques, where it remains for 15-18 months before bottling.

Organoleptic properties

Deep ruby red with garnet highlights, the bouquet is intense with blackberry overtones and hints of toasted coffee,tobacco, ink and spices. It starts out in the palate providing a warm and rich feeling and ends with a pleasantly tannic flavor due to the acidity and the ageing in oak barriques.


Ideal with barbecues and big red meat dishes or game. Perfect for the savoury pairings with mature hard or soft cheeses and blue cheese thanks to its long finish.

Serving temperature

Between 17º and 19ºC, with a wine cellar age of up to 10 years after harvesting.

Annual bottle production

Around 3000 a year, even in the limited 1.5 l magnum edition.

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